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The Face of Mawsons - Ray Crellin

by Kesenya Baker | Mar 12, 2014


The month of March sees us chatting to Ray Crellin about his role with Mawsons, his childhood love of dinner time and some adventurous travel plans .....

What is your role and how long have you worked at Mawsons?

I am the Mechanical Engineer (Plant Design) and started work full time at Mawson’s on 16/12/1974 over 39 years ago. Straight out of college (Bendigo Institute of Technology) into driving trucks, loaders etc. until they found out I held a diploma, then been in office ever since.

Along with designing, was initially involved in refurbishing jaw and gyratory crushers, conveyor belt splicing for over ten years, surveying land layout for flood irrigation on company farms, fill in concrete batcher, truck and crane driver along with drawing plans for new equipment at most of Mawson’s quarry and concrete plants.


What is your favourite part of the job?

It was once designing and building new plants from scratch, now it’s trying to fit new modern, larger equipment in amongst old plants.

It’s nice to see something from the drawing stage, through fabrication, installation and in actual production, hopefully reducing costs and downtime.


What is your best childhood memory?

Learning to ride a bike for the first time (a 26” bike), I knew then I could escape quickly from my parents if I was naughty!, but they always said, you’ll be back for dinner!


You will usually find me....

tinkering in my shed, rebuilding things that have broken, or manufacturing something from steel, timber or textiles. Just like making things work again.


What is your trainig/vocational background before Mawsons?

As a child, worked on a dairy farm helping out my parents. Quite often carted hay (small squares) in summer holidays and had enough money saved up to purchase a motor car with cash before obtaining a driver licence. While at college, I obtained employment with Mawson’s during school holidays as well. Jobs include being a “tellie clerk”, writing out delivery dockets and pacing out tipping distances for tip trucks on road works. Assisting work foremen in laying out new subdivisions. Driving a J5 Bedford – single axle tip truck delivering road base to road works.


At the moment I am really excited about.....

a few things, enjoying events with the family and seven grandchildren. Planning another trip up through central Australia and heading East across the top. Partial retirement after turning 65. 







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