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Kerang Skate Park

by Kesenya Baker | May 21, 2014

In 2013 Mawsons excitedly participated in the creation of the popular Kerang Skate Park, providing concrete for the facility designed by Enlocus and built by the Shire of Gannawarra in consultation with local young people. A brilliant use of public space, the park has been reviewed highly in skating circles and has been a hit with locals of all ages.







About the park from the Enlocus website:


Several rounds of consultation with the local users, the wider Community and Lions were undertaken at the Gannawarra Youth Festival and smaller sessions with focus groups.


Throughout these meetings headed by a strong representation of riders numerous other facilities were mentioned including neighbouring ones as for what would work in their space whilst ensuring it offer its own identity.


The skate function includes a multi-level simple bowl with several additions include elevated walls and sub-boxes. The depth of the bowl (5ft and 7ft) allows use by beginners whilst also catering for more advanced users. The bowl spills out onto a split level for transfers whilst offering stand alone elements. From here more of a flow/street area dictated by hips, funbox, rail/ledges and finally a return transition wall, offering a unique element to the space.

The design ties into the well vegetated space encouraging passive users with its connections to the broader space and seating/shelter spaces for spectator/social opportunities. The existing vegetation has been retained and utilised to offer further shaded areas. With the parks open space the facility will accommodate further possible stages to the project, enhancing this central and well used Community space.



Images below are of the associated Atkinson Park upgrades, undertaken at the same time.....




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