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The Face of Mawsons - Ros Dwyer

by Kesenya Baker | Jun 24, 2014

Where would Mawsons be without our number one receptionist, Ros? The first port of call for our telephone and central business hub, Ros brings creative flair and vivacity to her role, setting a tone that is both warm and professional. Here she fills us in on what makes her tick.......



What is your role and how long have you worked at Mawsons?


I have unintentionally been with Mawsons for nearly 28 years.

My role is Receptionist/Accounts Receivable – more specifically, general reception duties for visitors; main point of call for receiving & directing inward phone calls; collating banking & all outward mail; assisting with Accounts Receivable processing  & associated tasks; maintaining stationery requirements & promotional goods; arranging catering and  general housekeeping.


Describe your favourite part of the job:


Assisting internal & external customers & hopefully making their day better.



What is your best childhood memory?


Playing ‘dolls’ with my doll, my cat and my baby brother, stuffing them in my wicker doll’s pram which I still have.



You will usually find me:


Gardening; volunteering, with a head full of ideas for enhancing our community; listening to music; watching AFL – mainly on Fox with my husband and yes I do like chocolate.



What is your training/vocational background before Mawsons?


I left school after a poor attempt at Matriculation (Year 12) and worked in Melbourne, including the ANZ Data Processing Centre – the data was held on Sci Fi spools on the wall – now relegated to the Museum! 

When I moved back to Cohuna with my husband I was employed by the local Vet, prior to starting our family.  I later returned to the workforce, initially part-time at Mawsons, all those years ago.



At the moment I am really excited about:


Spending more time with my grandchildren – 3 at last count.




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