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The Face of Mawsons - John Anderson

by Kesenya Baker | Aug 25, 2014

Continuing our series on the people of Mawsons is todays interview with John Anderson, our Assistant Customer Sales Co-Ordinator based in Cohuna.......


What is your role and how long have you worked at Mawsons?


I work in the co-ordinators office and have been at Mawsons almost 2 years.


Describe your favourite part of the job....


Talking to lots of different people across a range of areas within the company.


What is your best childhood memory?


Going to Fiji on a yacht for a week.


You will usually find me......


Wishing it was St Patricks Day when ever life gets a bit slow. Just a pint of Guinness and a U2 CD away from being there.


What is your training or vocational background prior to working at Mawsons?


Worked as a stock broker for 14 years, bought a business in Cohuna and was an estimator at AWMA for 5 years.


At the moment I am really excited about.......


watching our four children go through that pre-teen stage where they still want to know you and do things with you. They are old enough to do things on their own but too young to think they know it all.







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