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Springtime Gardening With Mawsons River Pebbles

by Kesenya Baker | Sep 03, 2014


With the arrival of the first blossoms, gardeners celebrate the beginning of spring and relish their time outdoors getting everything ready for the warmer months. Weeds need pulling, plants need fertilising, and the ground needs mulching.



Mulching is the best way to :


  • 1.  Neaten up your garden
  • 2.  Retain moisture in your soil (less time watering)
  • 3.  Keep weeds at bay (less time weeding)
  • 4.  Improve your garden’s appearance - for your own enjoyment, or for property sales appeal
  • 5.  Keep your rental property looking spiffy, despite brown thumbed tenants. 


There are a number of mulching options available, but pebbles are, without doubt, the best choice. Here’s why:


  • 1.  Pebbles are more cost effective in the long run  - they won’t break down so re-mulching will never be an issue
  • 2.  Pebbles are always going to look as good as the first day you put them down – they won’t fade like bark and straw mulches.
  • 3.  Pebbles are a great design feature. Stylishly incorporate contrasting colours and sizes, and you have an element that can really stand out.
  • 4.  Pebbles look perfect with contemporary or historical architecture.




Pebbles are also fantastic for paths and driveways because:


  • 1.  Pebbles provide great traction capacity
  • 2.  Pebbles allow moisture to penetrate the soil, unlike concrete or tiles
  • 3.  Pebbles give great textural contrast in the landscape


Mawsons River Pebbles come in three different colour options – Mansfield, Ovens/Whorouly or Seymour stones – with a variety of sizes sure to suit your project.




Drop in to a Mawsons site and talk with our friendly professional staff about transforming your garden with Mawsons River Pebbles today.



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