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The Face of Mawsons - Maurice Zamperoni

by Kesenya Baker | Sep 18, 2014

Mawsons staff are friendly people - perhaps none more so than Maurice Zamperoni at our Myrtleford Concrete site. Maurice is known and respected throughout the east Victorian region, and we thought it was high time everyone else knew what a top guy he is !



What is your role and how long have you worked at Mawsons?


My role is the Manager or Myrtleford Concrete. I have worked with O&K Concrete/Mawsons for 20 years.

Describe your favourite part of the job.....


Management is very new to me, so the challenge has been exciting - learning new skills such as IT (Information Technology). I also enjoy keeping in touch with all my old customers - some I've known for 20 years.

You will usually find me......


at work through the day or else catching up with my girls!

What was your occupation or training before working with Mawsons?


Being with O&K Concrete for 19 years I learnt a lot about machinery, loaders, crushers, trucks, and most of all, concrete !


At the moment I am really excited about.......


Life! My wife and I are expecting our new arrival soon, our new home is well under construction and looking very 'homely'.... also watching my two girls forge ahead in life. I'm so proud of them!




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