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An environmentally forward partnership....

by Kesenya Baker | Feb 09, 2015




Mawsons was pleased to be the supplier of choice for Biomix’s recent facility upgrade. Mawsons supplied 6000 tonne of 20C33 WETMIX for the construction of pads to support bio mulch creation.


The Biomix company produce soils and composts designed to improve the nutritional balance of soils, and subsequently, crops for local agriculturalists and horticulturists.



Located in Stanhope, Victoria, Biomix diverts volume from landfill and in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions that such wastes would otherwise produce, receiving waste products from a variety of homes and businesses, both from the local area and greater Melbourne. In this manner Biomix is able to reduce Victoria’s carbon footprint and the large volume of recyclable waste sent to landfill. As their informative website states:


 “Biomix is proud to be at the forefront of composting at the highest technical standard, and working to provide alternate waste disposal solutions as well as supplying the local agricultural sector with the highest quality compost product on the market.”



You can read more about the Biomix story at


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