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Protecting our most vulnerable Team Members

by Rom Tuohey | Apr 01, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I sent a series of emails to managers and staff across our business. These emails are also on our website and intranet. When reading the emails and the attached instructions you will recognise that we are implementing a broad range of measures to reduce the chances of anyone contracting Coronavirus while at work. We are striving to keep everyone healthy and all our sites open; so far we have succeeded. Thanks to everyone for their efforts to date and for adopting the new tighter practices.

The Federal Government has highlighted certain groups of people who are especially at risk if they contract Coronavirus. Details of this are available at . The Government list includes people with weakened immune systems, older people (over 70), people with chronic medical conditions (such as lung conditions and kidney failure, over 60) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and diabetics. If you are in one of these groups and are worried that the measures we now have in place at our worksites may still leave you exposed to infection please contact our Human Resource Department or your Senior Manager.  We will then discuss your particular situation with you and look at what other measures might be available to protect your physical, mental and financial wellbeing during these difficult times.

If you are a manager receiving this email can you please make some copies and put it up on notice boards and doors at your site. We will also reproduce this email on our website and intranet.

Thanks again for your on-going co-operation. Please continue to make every effort to keep our worksites and homes Coronavirus free!

Kind regards,

John Mawson



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