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Coronavirus Email - 15th June, 2020 - Revised Coronavirus protocols and training

by Paul Hagan | Jun 15, 2020
Hello Everyone,
In the light of reducing Coronavirus infection rates and the onset of cold, winter weather it now seems reasonable to wind back some, note: NOT ALL, of our on-site Coronavirus control measures. The wind back will be effective from next Monday (June 15th).
I have attached an updated schedule with two points removed. What these changes effectively mean is that now we can use lunchroom microwaves, kettles and refrigerators. At the present time and until further relaxations are announced please do no less than follow all of the other protocols on the revised list (dated 15th June, 2020).
Can site managers please replace the Coronavirus Site Protocol posters at their sites with the attached updated version and advise all their team members accordingly.
Also attached is an extract from a Federal Health Department on-line Coronavirus training program entitled “Covid Myths Busted”. Steve has collated this set of slides (after a very good O4i recommendation from Katrina Gibson) which should be tool boxed (in a Socially Distant manner, of course) along with the updated Site Protocols so as to keep our people reliably informed and ensure that we all continue to maintain good Coronavirus control practices. Remember please that these good practices include not coming to work if you are at all unwell and reporting any and all staff illnesses to Steve or Jasmine.
Please call Steve or myself if you have any concerns about the matters raised in this email.
Thanks and regards,

Mawsons Revised Coronavirus site protocols 15 June 2020



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