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To Social Wellbeing

A place of life.

Mawsons is committed to providing our employees with positive and healthy working environments. 

We consider Mawsons a place of life rather than a place of work. We affirm this by appreciating the needs of our people and being flexible enough to adapt to life’s many requirements and unforeseen events. 

To promote healthy individuals who take care of their own health properly, Mawsons provides annual health and hearing checks, as well as a counselling service. Each year we hold a family day designed to bring all our people together, to acknowledge each other’s contributions and celebrate being part of the Mawsons’ family.

Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference, like weekly deliveries of fresh fruit to each of our sites. We also have a firm Sunsmart policy in place. If a staff member wants to quit smoking then we will help them with the associated costs.

Whether it’s our everyday or annual initiatives, Mawsons is pleased to contribute to the ongoing welfare of our people. We are always on the lookout for more programs that will make Mawsons an even greater place of life.     

SALT - Sport & Life Training

SALT - Sport and Life Training Presenters Dave & Scott have travelled to 25 sporting clubs throughout Country Victoria in 2022 to present the Mawsons Wellbeing and Mental Health Recovery Project.

Clubs from Tungamah to Tyntynder, to Blighty and Barnawartha and many locations in between have had the opportunity to host 2 fully funded sessions for their members and families to attend through the support of Mawsons

Mawsons operate in many regional communities. We recognize the importance of our role within these communities as generous and thoughtful employers. We also understand the interdependence of people and organizations in local communities and acknowledge and respect the significant contribution each makes to the wellbeing of society.

Mawsons support local clubs, schools, hospitals and associations through donations of materials, money and staff time. Mawsons will also support approved Social Providers wherever practicable, including the SALT Mental Health Program for local sporting clubs. Mawsons recognize the great benefits our purchases from these organizations can bring their employees and the broader community. As part of our commitment Mawsons is a buyer member of Social Traders.

For more information on SALT sessions, visit their website here

SALT - Barham
SALT - Swan Hill
SALT - Echuca
SALT - Leitchville Gunbower
SALT - Lake Boga
SALT - Barnawartha
SALT - Beechworth
SALT - Blighty

SALT Testimonials

Like many country football netball clubs, we play a vital role in the community and have had our fair share of tragedies. Scott from SALT came and with his 90 minute presentation, had a huge impact on our club through his session. People opened up and shared their own struggles which were made more powerful because they were OUR players, parents and supporters. Directly after the presentation, there was a distinct change in the atmosphere of the club.  
We now feel better equipped to identify and support others within our footy and netball community who are struggling.  We will continue to encourage members of our club to reach out to one another and build connections. The phrases 'I'm here is you need' and 'How are you going?' have been positively altered by SALT and people now feel more comfortable initiating these conversations. We are very grateful for the support of MAWSONS and SALT to help spread mental health awareness to the Leitchville Gunbower FNC. 
Kellie Taylor – Leitchville Gunbower FNC

Club wellbeing is a rising priority at the Tocumwal football netball club. As a club, we understand the important role we play in helping people through tough times. The SALT session with Scott helped bring this priority to fruition and was delivered in a compassionate, funny and non-confrontational way. Scott's style of delivery was warming and created a safe space for people to discuss some personal issues they faced and allowed us to bond closer as a team and community. Clubs with a focus on player welfare should be engaged with SALT. Tocumwal FNC would like to sincerely thanks Mawson’s for their commitment to supporting grass roots sports clubs.
Matt Peterson – President Tocumwal FNC

The SALT Wellbeing and Mental Health presentation was a great way to kickstart our 2022 season. The presentation was engaging and allowed us to have conversations with members of our Club that we might not otherwise have. The presentation was thought-provoking and provided us with questions/strategies that we can use in many contexts to check on the wellbeing of others.
The presentation has prompted our Club to establish a Club Wellbeing Team and to continue our relationship with SALT. Thanks to Mawson’s Concrete and Quarries for their support of this program and enabling us to have access to it; a very worthwhile and life-giving experience. 
Chris Telford - Yackandandah FNC

Thanks Scott, what a great night. Our members opened up and spoke of not only themselves but others around them that are dealing with this heartache.
Mental health at this point of time is through the roof and to see our members dealing with it in their own way is outstanding. After you left here there were 12 members standing around talking about their own mental health issues and how they are dealing with it for several hours. Starting to talk to others is a great first step and now they know that they can open up to one another. Thanks once again and a huge thanks to Mawsons for their generous support of local footy clubs.
Mark Bartlett – President Rushworth FNC

At Swan Hill FNC we held the Salt Mental Health and Wellbeing session recently, facilitated by Scott Angove.
We had started an awareness program with the senior players and this was a great initiative for the whole club. The evening was very insightful, informative and open in many respects.
Scott ran the evening in a very engaging way. His knowledge of football, netball and club culture enabled the group to connect with him very quickly. His unique style enabled a lot of openness in the group and for those that attended were able to witness many things about our colleagues that we were previously unaware of.
We would recommend the Salt session very highly for all clubs as we engage more in our community well being.
As a result we have committed to the Club Wellness Team that is encouraged by Salt and we look forward to the future training in this important initiative.
The well being of our people at the club is increasingly apparent and we thank Scott, SALT and the generous support of Mawsons for helping us on our course to address that.
Chris Craig-Neal – President Swan Hill FNC

The Tyntynder Football Netball Club greatly benefited from participating in the SALT session conducted by Scott.
We recognize our players, members & volunteers are too important not to participate in any program that enhances their Mental Health & Wellbeing and Scott was great making everybody comfortable in what can sometimes be an uncomfortable discussion. Thanks to Mawsons and local plant manager Paul for his attendance on the night which reinforced their commitment to supporting our community.                              
Luke Kelly – President Tyntynder FNC

Last Thursday night, we were treated to a beneficial Mental Health and Wellbeing night presented by Scott Angove of SALT - Sport and Life Training. Scott, a good friend of our club legend Digga Gee, provided all of our Roaders the ability to walk away with valuable tools to assist in their own welfare and those close around them.
The energy coming away from this night was really positive, and we’d like to once again thank Mawsons for funding the evening.
Jack Hicks – President Congupna FNC

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to each and every Feline player and parent who attended our SALT (Sport and Life Training) session tonight after training.
There were laughs, tears, sharing and a hell of a lot of caring in the room.
To Scott from SALT, thank you for your presentation and the amazing way you manage to put everyone at ease while discussing some very raw and hard things to discuss.
If we as a club, can help one player, one parent, one brother, sister or friend, then what we do off the field is the most worthwhile thing we can do for our members. Mental Health and Wellbeing should be spoken of regularly, just like a sore ankle or a sore knee would be. If you see someone struggling, ask the question. Are you OK?
Tonight we became more of a family than a footy team and for that, thank you all.
Nadine Nicholson – Murray Felines FC

Firstly I’d like to thank SALT for providing the Mental Health session last Tuesday night and to Mawsons for setting the program up and getting it out and around the community. To Scott, the presenter, you did an amazing job in keeping the crowd entertained and concentrating, but also the best thing was he got the message across in a very good way. A few people said after it, some presenters are boring and you lose what it’s all about but Scott did an amazing job in keeping everyone interacting and laughing and that’s what it’s all about.
I think it’s a program that needs to be implemented into all clubs on a yearly basis. Until something happens at your club, you don’t realise how important these things are and I just hope it doesn’t happen to our club community. I hope if someone is struggling, they can seek help now and put their hand up.
Joe O’Reilly – President Lake Boga FNC

As a community organisation that provides more than just football and netball sporting opportunities for its members, the Katunga Football Netball Club Committee understands the importance of providing an environment that is inclusive and supportive and one that is a safe space where people feel comfortable in reaching out not only during times of need but on a regular basis.
In order to enable our club to achieve this we wanted to provide opportunities for our members to understand what mental health is, how to recognise it, and being able to respond to in it the most appropriate way. The KFNC was fortunate to be able to participate in the SALT Mental Health & Wellbeing sessions which were conducted online and in person. The facilitators of the sessions were fantastic, very knowledgeable, and were able to create an environment where our members felt comfortable asking questions and sharing very personal examples. The feedback after the sessions has been fantastic with our members being able to continue the very important conversations that have been started and to want to support each other on an ongoing basis.
A huge thanks to Mawsons, who without their generous support with funding the sessions, we would never have been given this opportunity to continue our journey of creating awareness of Metal Health & Wellbeing and supporting our members and community to thrive.
Stacey Weeks – President Katunga FNC

The Wahgunyah Football Netball Club found the Mental Health and Wellbeing Presentation extremely beneficial to our club. The interaction from netballers, footballers, supporters, volunteers and committee was great and the relaxed atmosphere of the evening made the topics relevant to all attendees. We thank Scott Angove form SALT and also the Indigo Shire and Mawsons concrete and quarries for supporting our club. We would encourage groups to engage SALT to start the conversation and provide the tools that we all may need one day.
Darren Harvey – Wahgunyah FNC


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