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Concrete - Decorative & Landscaping


Using exposed aggregate enables landscape designers and contractors to enhance large areas of concrete by adding pleasing colours and textures. This approach is an attractive and easily maintained choice for pathways, verandas, pergola areas and pool surrounds.

Disclaimer: Mawsons® and the Mawsons Logo are trademarks of E.B. Mawsons & Sons Pty Ltd and related entities. Due to the variable nature of these natural products, actual colours and textures may vary from those depicted. The final result will coincide with the craftsmanship of the chosen concreter elected to produce the final finish.

Innovative Concrete Products


Choose polished concrete to achieve a stunning floor finish that is also economical, allergy free, time-saving, durable and energy-efficient. 


The modern alternative to standard concrete paving finishes, available at a cost that is more competitive than clay brick or tile alternatives.


Achieve great colouring by using different cement types, coloured sands or coloured aggregate. Enhance the colour even more with pigments, staining or painting.


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