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Concrete - SelectCrete™ - The Better Choice 

SelectCrete™ is a new range of Mawsons concrete mixes that comply with Australian Standards. Strength grades from 15 to 50 MPa are available. 

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SelectCrete™ offers Mawsons' customers and specifiers a choice of cementitious materials,
recycled aggregates and manufactured sand in the concrete they order. 

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Product Selection- Original SelectCrete Box- Blue- Half Star

SelectCrete™ Original
is the traditional concrete Mawsons have become renowned for. This product range
continues to contain 90–100% Type GP Cement for general applications including house slabs, shed flooring
and kerb and channel work.

SelectCrete™ Original is best where higher early strength is essential. 

Product Selection- Standard SelectCrete Box- Yellow-1.5 Star

SelectCrete™ Standard
is a general use concrete for normal applications. This product range contains 20–40%
SCMs and is suitable for typical applications including house slabs, commercial and industrial, shed flooring, and footpaths.

SelectCrete™ Standard is best where longer-term durability is beneficial, or where the performance benefits of SCMs are required. This product range is eligible for up to 1.5 Green Stars.

Product Selection- Green SelectCrete Box- Yellow-3 Stars

SelectCrete™ Green is a new concrete mix designed for reduced environmental impact. This product contains at least 40% SCMs as a Portland Cement replacement and uses recycled aggregates and sand. It is suitable for general applications where high early strength is not essential but great long-term performance is still required.

SelectCrete™ Green is eligible for up to 3 Green Stars demonstrating its improved environmental outcomes.

SelectCrete™ Green is independently endorsed as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

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It should be noted that while each SelectCrete™ type complies with Australian Standards the set times and number of days it takes for the finished concrete to achieve specified strength will vary. Concretors placing the different types may notice different characteristics in the concrete.

SelectCrete™ mixes incorporate appropriate admixtures so as to minimise difficulties that may be experienced in placing concrete that uses higher proportions of supplementary cementitious materials. Some adjustments to placement and finishing techniques may still be required to achieve optimum outcomes from Green and higher SCM Standard mixes.

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Proudly using 100% renewable electricity across our quarries and concrete plants.

Switching to renewable electricity is part of Mawsons’ Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy. This switch
has dramatically reduced Mawsons’ overall environmental impact.

*3 Green Stars denotes a 3.0 credit rating under the Green Star sustainable rating system.

The Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel indicates the environmental performance of a product from a multi-criteria perspective. Products that carry this Ecolabel are certified to be environmentally preferable.

SelectCrete™ Green complies with ‘CCCPV1.0I-2017’ GECA standard which can be read at

For enquiries on SelectCrete™ Green and the SelectCrete™ concrete range please call 1800 423 456 

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