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Environmental Respect

Respecting our earth and treasuring the life that depends on it.  

Working alongside the natural beauty of the Murray River for more than 100 years, Mawsons has long been aware of how important environmental sustainability is to securing the future of regional Victoria. 

Mawsons has experience to approach environmentally sensitive areas and projects with the patience and diligence required to ensure its protection. For any further information on how we consider this please read our Environmental Policy below.


Waste Water Management

For many years Lake Boga Quarry has removed salty ground water from the operational pit. Before 2008 it was carted about 30km on public roads in semi tankers and discharged into a salt pan opposite a freshwater lake. After 2008, environmentally-compliant lined evaporation ponds were constructed at the quarry where pit water is now deposited. In future, the ponds are expected to produce salt suitable for domestic consumption.

Concrete mix designs at Mawsons can also use recycled concrete waste which enables us to provide more sustainable solutions for our clients and the environment. 

At many of our quarries we collect storm water run-off in dams to be used as process water and for dust suppression.  In Broken Hill for example we collect storm water which runs through our site for re-use on site.  As a requirement of our EPA license at Broken Hill we test storm water which runs off our site during large rainfall events.  In some years no water actually leaves our site as we consume all the water that enters.

Storm Water Monitoring Data License Details

Environmental Respect

Peregrine Falcons at our Pyramid Hill Quarry are a wonderful example of our environmental awareness and commitment. For many years these magnificent birds have nested on the shelves and rock ledges created from blasting operations at the quarry.

As the quarry grew it became apparent that a blast was necessary in the area where they were nesting. Because the falcons were long-time partners at the quarry, Mawsons called Melbourne Zoo to see what could be done. The zoo connected the quarry with Victor Hurley who volunteers with Birds Australia and worked for what was then the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Midura.

A nesting box was hung on a face that was not going to be quarried for some time. To our delight the plan was a success and the Peregrine Falcons have been nesting and raising chicks within the busy quarry pit since 1999. Victor returns to the quarry each year to check on their progress.

Mawsons now have three quarry sites where Peregrine Falcons have designated nesting sites. Each falcon pair has a territory of 10km2 and providing for them in our quarries is important to us.

Mawsons always works to minimise the impact of our operations by restoring quarried areas back to a natural environment, where possible. For example, at our Glenrowan quarry we plant native trees and shrubs every year as well as create habitat areas for wildlife to return to the site. Glenrowan also implements an Environmental Management Plan which involves tree planting and earth restoration as well as vermin control, fence maintenance and keeping detailed records of all environmental-related progress.